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Cardanol is a kind of new organic chemical raw material
Cardanol is a kind of new organic chemical raw material, which is extracted from natural cashew shell oil by advanced technology. Cardanol can replace or partly replace the phenol to manufacture epoxy resin curing agent, liquid phenolic resin, liquid or powder type thermosetting phenolic resin. Cardanol has a wide range of uses and outstanding environmental protection performance.
CAS No. 501-24-6
Molecular Formula C21H36O
Property Specification
Viscosity@ 25°C 45-75 cps
Sp. Gravity @ 25°C 0.925-0.945
Moisture (%) <=0.3
Purity % Cardanol 87%-95%
Gardner Colour 1-16
 Characteristics of Chemical Technology:
•Contain benzene ring structure with high temperature resistance.
• The polar hydroxyl group provides the wetting and activity for the system to the contact surface.
•The carbon 15 straight chain with an unsaturated double bond can provide good toughness, excellent hydrophobicity, low permeability and self-drying.
Cardanol Application areas:
1)Cardanol can be used to Manufacture epoxy resin curing agent.
This kind of resin curing agent has good physical and chemical properties, and is widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, petrochemical industry, aviation, shipbuilding, construction, automobile industry, post and telecommunications, etc.
2)Cardanol can be used to manufacture liquid phenolic amine resin , which is used for epoxy resin adhesive and epoxy resin heavy anticorrosion coating.
3)Cardanol can be used to manufacture liquid or powdered modified phenolic resin. It is widely used in copper clad laminate (main material of industrial circuit board), coating, printing ink, as well as laminate pressboard.
4)Cardanol can be used to manufacture other modified phenolic resin, used in arts and crafts lacquer, woodware and other decoration.

Store in galvanized iron drums.
Keep galvanized iron drums tightly closed, and store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. 


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